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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism affects you in some manner, whether you realize it or not. Plagiarism affects everyone, whether you're the one who creates the content or the one who consumes it.

It should come as no surprise to you as a content creator (writer, author, researcher, student, freelancer, blogger, social media manager, etc.) that you should regularly check to ensure that no one is stealing your work without your permission or crediting you.

But, more importantly, you must run your content through a plagiarism detection tool before publishing or submitting it to ensure that it is free of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty, a breach of journalistic ethics, and, most importantly, a publishing offense.

As a result, you don't want to be a victim; if your work contains copied information, whether intentionally or by accident, you risk facing severe consequences, including:

  • Taking legal action
  • Fines and monetary reparations
  • Reputational damage

Not to mention the additional ramifications, such as SEO content duplication penalties and worse rankings, a loss of trust, the possibility of academic punishment, and so on.

On the other hand, as a content consumer or user (reader, professor or teacher who vets students' work, a client of freelance writers, etc. ), checking for plagiarism before accepting or acting on any content you come across or is provided to you is equally vital.

That is why The SEO Trend designed the Plagiarism Checker.

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Theseotrend Plagiarism Checker can be used by



This plagiarism checker can be used by students to see if their assignments and submissions are free of plagiarism.


This tool can be used by teachers to determine whether their pupils are submitting original work or simply copying it from the internet.



For their research, researchers must publish a large amount of material.

They should ensure that their research and publications are original and that they are not publishing plagiarized content by accident.


Bloggers and content writers

Original content is essential for higher SEO rankings.

Our free plagiarism checker can be used by writers, bloggers, and article writers to ensure that their work is original.